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Brighter days ahead for you and me.

Brighter days ahead for you and me.

by Ron Rothenberg, HomeBase Real Estate

It’s almost Springtime.  Springtime is just 14-or-so weeks away.  I’ve planted the daffodils and crocuses, and I’m just waiting them to pop up their heads soon. 

Even with denial, I realize that the darkest days of winter are still ahead.   More light would be useful.

Did you know you could make your bulbs 20% brighter just by cleaning the dirt off of them? No, not your daffodils, your light bulbs.

Whether you use incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, you get about 20% more visible light from a bulb that’s clean, and I know you haven’t cleaned your bulbs in a long, long time.

The visible light grows dimmer gradually and you don’t notice that the world is slowly becoming darker.

LED and CF bulbs last longer than incandescents, so they’re probably the dirtiest by now since it’s been so long since you had to replace one.   When you’d pop in a new incandescent bulb once a year, cleaning wasn’t as important.

And clean the lampshades, too, while you’re at it, that will give you more visible light, too.

Turn off your lamps, let the bulb cool, then clean with a rag and some glass cleaner. Now, enjoy that free extra light.