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An Exclusive Buyer Broker or Agent represents the buyer and only the buyer in a real estate transaction. They never represent sellers and never take listings. They seek to minimize the conflicts of interest that may occur during a real estate purchase.

Their duties to the buyer always include:  Obedience, Confidentiality, Accounting, Reasonable Skill and Care, and Disclosure

An Exclusive Buyer Broker can provide guidance about how much to offer for a home and share insights that would provide an advantage to the buyer.

An Exclusive Buyer Broker negotiates solely on the behalf of the buyer. seeking the best price and terms for the buyer.

An Exclusive Buyer Broker protects his clients with contractual contingencies designed with the buyers’ best interests in mind.

Lots of Experience

This Exclusive Buyer Agent has looked at over 15,000 houses and condos, and participated in over 400 negotiations. I’ve seen it all.

The home inspectors and lenders I work with are wonderful teachers and problem-solvers and are likely to have a solution to any problem we encounter.

My goal for you: a drama-free home purchase.

A CARLOAD of responsibilities to you

You know what to expect and you know who’s who. An Exclusive Buyer Agent works only for you, the buyer from first meeting through closing, and even a bit after. That agent owes you:

  • Confidentiality
  • Accountability
  • Reasonable Skill and Care
  • Loyalty (Undivided, always)
  • Obedience to Lawful Instruction
  • Accountability
  • Disclosure

in brief, a CARLOAD of responsibilities to you. All that, and great personal service, too.


As an Exclusive Buyer Agent I can provide guidance about how much to offer for a house and provide many strategies that have worked in the past.

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